Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hermes gets a new dude.

So, not that I ever thought Gaultier was the shit or anything.

But he DID do Hermes some good. And what I liked about this was that he didn't in anyway let Hermes resemble his own personal brand. (Hint Marc Jacobs) and kept it unique and individualistic, as it always was, and should be.

So, here comes the end of yet another era. Where Gaultier is soon to say farewell to Hermes and concentrate on his own brand.

So, who replaces the master himself? You'll actually be surprised:

Christophe Lemaire. The designer for... Lacoste.

Now, now. It isn't such a bad idea after all! Christophe is known for being a revolutionary designer for his fun line of pop coloured polo shirts by Lacoste, after which many labels followed. I believe he might be an asset to the luxury brand and bring a new face to it that will surely get some mixed reviews but positive from many, I suppose.

Well, here's hoping he breaks the cliché and here's to apple green 'H' buckled belts.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Designer handbags.

These things, they're nice. :)






Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr. Porter. and Priya And Charu Sachdevs Kitsch lifestyle. :)

So, every sale season. I like to go browsing online, and wish I could afford half the stuff they have on, after even 70% reduction.
Sometimes, I calculate my monthly expenses and figure out just how much I would need to save to buy a McQueen scarf. Except, only later I realized that I'm over with all the money I though I'd save up. Mega fail.
Anyway, one of the sites I frequent though, is www.net-a-porter.com. Occasionally, I like checking out some stuff there too. Not that I'd get anything seeing as how I'm a boy. But I like checking out their collection of shoes and bags. :p TOHTUHL CHICK, I SAY. And I always get so envious of these women who have designers like Christian Louboutin, YSL, Lanvin, Comme Des Garcons, Moschino, etc on sale. And us men, well, we're made to order from some other random site. BORING. And plus, for all you know, it's just not even safe, right?
So, that's why. When I read that Net-a-porter is doing a mens exclusive site. I jumped in glee. I couldn't contain myself. Funny, because I'd never be able to afford anything on it, but still, I now, have something worth browsing through. And who knows, I might just end up finding those Moschino strappy Slip ons on like, 70% sale. What a bargain, THAT, will be. :)

The reason they're not just adding a mens section to the already existing net-a-porter site is because they wanted it to remain a site exclusively for women. A place for women to let loose, and enjoy their freedom, wealth and luxury. Eventually showing sympathy to the male gender, probed the team to start what we can call www.mrporter.com. A shopping haven for guys like me, the ones who appreciate style, fashion, and well, luxury when it's bestowed upon them. For the record, I do own some luxury branded items, I'm not a pauper now. So yeah I appreciate it. :)

So, what will Mr. Porter have in store for us?
Well, to begin with... YSL, Moschino, Lanvin amongst others. That's just the starting few. As the site progresses, their list too, shall increase. And if there'll be ONE online shopping destination that'd have it all, for me, it's going to be this. I guarantee you that.

I'm not sure when it's scheduled to open but I hope it's soon. :) I can hardly wait. My birthday's coming up too and I think I might need to splurge just a bit. :)

Also, on other news. I went to Kitsch today. I was highly disappointed. The collections were kinda well, not good. Not that I blame the fabulous sisters who run it, but the designers themselves (You go to jail, bad boy!) But also, like, I realized as I was going through the shoes section that their shoe collection was FUGLY. They had these really nice thigh high boots by... Stella McCartney, I'm presuming. Which I loved, and the chain bags by the same, too! Omg. Genius idea btw, totally! I also loved the Lanvin snake skin fuchsia ballerinas with a matching bag. But other than that. Nill. :(
And I also saw the Lanvin trainers that are on my lust list. Similar. And died because they were for 32 grand. Yes, I've got expensive taste. :(
FML. :\
On other news, speaking of revelations and all. How dope is Kitsch? Honestly though, I'm going to be posting on Charu and Priya Sachdevs twitter so I'm hoping they'd read this. And understand that I'm merely a fashion obsessed blogger, stating my opinion. While I think theres no one in comparison to them when it comes to the contribution to the Indian fashion scenario, they also must know I genuinely feel.
So here goes:
The collection for men needs to improve muchly, I feel. They didn't have any wallets this time! :( Maybe they're out of stock though, possible. But the Gaultier for Levis collection was horrible. What was with the red all over the jeans? Totally killed it for me. While women always and obviously so, have a wider variety, the men have a limited one. And as a customer (Hah, I just walk into the shop and fall flat on the floor because I'm so overwhelmed, and always end up leaving empty handed) Heres another thing, I'm not sure what kinda men like floral shirts or polka dotted Moschino ones but they're not really cool. At all. :s
The shoes for men need major updating too. The shirts need to be changed, the Gaultier and Moschino jeans need to move out, and McQueen needs to move in! And Im talking crazy McQueen. Like, the Sting Ray clutches and the Funny reptile printed dresses! Lets do something fun! And different! Let's go crazy!
I also love how the sisters have access to every designer they could possibly want. But sometimes I do think that they over do the dressing up bit. While, I think that Charu Sachdev is the better dressed of the two.

Also, I think they must introduce brands like:
Proenza Schouler.
Prabal Gurung
Giambattista Valli
Basil Soda
Alexander Wang
3.1 Phillip Lim
Derek Lam
I don't think India is ready for Giuseppe Zanotti yet. Or Balmain.
For sure. Lol. And if they need someone to shine the shoes on the display racks every morning. Then they know not to look any further beyond me. :)

Having said all that, I'd also like to take this moment to tell you two fine ladies that your contribution to the industry is highly appreciated. Where one would normally see flashy brands being flashed around by Delhis elite, one can also dress down with a Gaultier or Lanvin flats that doesnt have the logo shining bright upon it. Which is kinda tacky, and really uncool.
So high five on topping the coolness quotient. Btw. :)
Also, maybe a change of carry bag design wouldn't be the worst thing. It doesn't look exclusive enough. It actually just ends up looking like one just bought some heavy amounts of cosmetics or something because of the colour theme going on. Just saying. Ideas and suggestions one must keep in mind.

Again, that said, I have nothing against the two sisters and respect them and their contribution to the fashion scenario, tremendously.
Peace out, yo. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Free My People

I'm considering changing my blog name to 'freakyshoeobsessedpersonblogthing'
I'm OBSESSED. My friend Arushi just pointed out that my blog is more about shoes than fashion as a whole or well, meals. :s
True story.

So anyway, here's another post.
This is another pair of clogs I think are worth mentioning. You see, how clogs are the ugliest trend after embroidered Jeans or well, Ed Hardy.
But these clogs I saw, again by Free People, are pretty cool, eh. I mean Leopard Printed Clogs sounds like the scariest trend there is. But when you see Free People take on it, you'd probably think differently.
LOVE these clogs. (And that's a sentence I never thought I'd say)

Another pair of shoes by Free People are these Buckle Wedges. I have been obsessing over this trend because this trend is all 'biker babe' like and looks amazing with any kind of jeans! You can wear them with Jeggings, you can wear them with Skinnies, you can wear them with Ripped Skinnies or even Ripped boyfriend jeans, folded up! Like how Kim Kardashian wears hers.
Or pair it with a high waisted pair of shorts/tight mini skirt or a nice dress like the one Chloe Sevigny at the Blackberry Sprint event. I just wish that the Free People wedges were in grey suede against the nice brown leather they've used. Contrast of colour and texture! Nice.
(Shoes on Chloe by Chloe for Opening Ceremony)

Only theo best.

Last summer, while on summer vacation in Bombay, my favorite city in the country I discovered this little patisserie called Theobroma. Their chocolate cakes and fudge things are well, worth dying for.. True story.
Me, being the foody I'm very well known to be. If I like something, I'm always going to pine over it if I can't get it. It's been a year since I visited Bombay last. I've planned many trips down there just so I can go chill at Theobroma, EVERYDAY. Drink hot chocolate and eat a nice warm croissant, listening to music or catching up with my friends there.
Ah, life. Life. :)
Here's a few pictures from the Theobromas public Facebook profile.

And trust me when I say this, they're the BEST at what they do. There's no bakery that matches up no restaurant that can serve sandwiches tastier than theirs and no coffee shop that makes better Hot Chocolate (Although Big Chill is pretty good too, but anyway) I mean, I travel the world in search of the best food, and I just realized there's really no point travelling ANY further than Bombay.

They're located in Colaba and Bandra in Bombay and I really wish they'd open one in Hauz Khas in Delhi. :(

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Avatar Clog.

So Karl Lagerfeld- he failed. Tory Burch, she tried and she failed too, Steve Madden? He just copied everyone, really, and... Gucci, urm. :s
But when FREE PEOPLE did their own addition of the clogs, the army avatar et al. They blew me away. Free People hosts one of the nicest collections available to the market at fairly affordable prices too!
Here's the military clog shoe thing I was talking about. LOVE it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Christian Louboutin Autumn Winter

I'm just myeah about all these. They don't excite me.

Come homme to papa!

I was on one of those online shopping websites- Browns.com?
Which has THE best collection of designer stuff ever.
From Dior, Gucci, John Varvatos to Comme Des Garcons and one of my all time favorites- Dries Van Noten.
Just as I was done browsing around I happened to see this vest by Dior Homme. It's black, and has draped lapels. It's tad expensive but so beautiful. It's sleeveless (As all vests are meant to be) it's not as short as a waistcoat, really, but beautiful.

Check it out! It was priced at over a thousand pounds. (Whoa) but now it's totally sold out. Imagine. :0

I'm planning to get something similar made. Maybe JUST a bit shorter, and in four different colours each. One's going to be all black, one's going to be electric blue, one's going to be an olive green and one's going to be like a creamy white. :)
So excited.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kim Kardashian gets waxed. Uh oh.

Poor Kim Kardashian.
Normally, when one is bestowed with the honour of having a wax model of themselves, at the famous museum in London, New York, Vegas and somewhere in Asia you'd expect them to be thrilled and excited and kinda anxious to see their clone.
Yeah, well poor little Kimberly Kardashian had the same adrenaline rush seconds before her wax figure was unveiled. Except there was just so much wrong with that model!
For starters, they made her cock eyed. Yeah, you just RUINED pure form of Lara Croft material beauty, right there man, super.
Then, the hair line on the forehead just looks so fake, her boobs are extra large and the skin tone isn't even the same.
The height is wrong, the size of the face is wrong. EVERYTHING is wrong.
They even made her look DISFIGURED. HOW THE HELL? Explain.
What a fail.

Take a look at yourself.
Both the real and the apparent Kim wear an Hervé Legér pink bandage dress, with the wax model wearing what's meant to be Christian Louboutin shoes. And the real one wore the nude Christian Louboutins.

What a let down. They need to reconstruct this one all over again. This was an epic fail.