Friday, June 11, 2010

Stella McCartney Sunglasses out in Delhi.

Okay so, I was at Khan Market the other day.
Where I'm normally seen, loitering around... Doing nothing. Skipping from Big Chill to Route 04. (Fab places btw) I also like to try on sunglasses. The bigger the better for me. And considering how effin' huge my head is, it's RARE to find a pair that looks good on my face. I normally go for the rectangular Marc Jacobs type or the size 62 Ray Ban Aviators.
Now, a designer we all love and adore, Stella McCartney (Daughter of the legend, of course) has her well established Label named after herself. What I love most about her stuff is that it's all vegan fashion. She steers away from real leather and fur... I mean, really, how many designers really even care? Not many...

So I was at Khan Market and one of the opticals shops, I'm not sure which one, but it's in the middle of the two centre lanes. On the same line as Sugar And Spice and all those grocery stores? They've introduced the Stella McCartney Sunglasses. And they're brand new season AND ALL. They're big, durable, fun shaped (Ones totally Lady Gaga like btw) and they start at around 10 G's. Which isn't SO heavy on the pocket now. Right?

Here's a few of them.

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