Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Current favorite.

As each day passes, I see myself change/evolve, and with it, my sense of style which go hand in hand with what I like and what I dislike.
What I'm currently loving is John Varvatos. A menswear genius. His crock print tote for men in already on my wishlist, I'm only waiting to see more. :)
John Varvatos, now many years old... Has worked for Ralph Lauren from 1983, and then in 1990 appointed head designer for menswear by Calvin Klein.
Eventually leading to form a label named after himself... Called- no guess for that now- John Varvatos.
His designs are timeless, they are a collectors item, something I'd pass on to the generation below me. They speak of subtlety and class. They speak of man in power. John Varvatos is by far the best menswear designer we have, today.

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