Saturday, May 29, 2010

ZARA Ladies and gentlemen, has FINALLY opened their FIRST ever store in India in Delhis Select Citywalk mall. And it's HUGE. Apparently the biggest store in the mall or something. I'm so glad they've opened a store here. My friends are not too happy with this news though, they feel that since Zara's now available to everyone in Delhi (Rightfully so) it'll lose its exclusivity, and that everyone will be wearing the same clothes and all the good clothes will be worn in all sorts of ugly ways by all sorts of ugly people. Pish posh. Makes no sense. I'm glad it's opened because now people don't have to go abroad to be able to buy Zara or secretly buy it at Sarojni Nagar market and claim a visiting uncle got it for them. It also puts India in the fashion scenario, further more. This will eventually lead to MORE multinational stores like Topshop and H&M amongst others, to open their stores here. And eventually, maybe 20 years down the line, we won't get all the shit rejectamento. And all the stocks in all the shops will be at par with the ones across the world. Right? I mean, why should we be two rejected seasons behind?
So, the plan for tomorrow is- My friend and I are heading stright to Zara tomorrow 3 PM and buying out the ENTIRE store, literally. And from what I hear it isn't too expensive like I was imagining it to be.

Others in line to open are-
Forever 21 and...
The collective which houses many brands like Armani Collenzioni, D&G, Ralph Lauren amongst others.
Can't wait for the collective to open up in Delhi. It'll be the first in Delhi.

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