Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wrap em up!


Eventually, every woman looks for that ONE dress that she must covet. That dress that flatters her figure, compliments her skin tone and that one dress that makes her unique. That woman must look no further than the master himself- Max Azria for Herve Leger.
I've been the hugest fan of the bandage dress forever.

In theory, if you look at it. A bandage dress seems to limited a style to base your entire brand around. I mean, just when you think that the man couldn't possibly re invent the bandage dress, he surprises you yet again. He'll always do something so unique and different to the dress that you're left wondering how he achieved it and feeling slightly stupid for doubting the genius. Right?

A listers like Mischa Barton to Kim Kardashian have worn his clothes to many red carpet events and have been unanimously been termed as the best dressed of the night (or even generally speaking, perhaps) and you'd have Mr. Azria to thank for it. These hot bodies just carry the garments. You've also seen rich girls Serena Vander Woodsen from Gossip Girl and Naomi from 90210 wear his clothes on their very successful shows. Adding to the exclusivity of it all.

A genius, really, never ceases to amaze me. Collection after collection I'm always curious WHAT he'll do next. It could be anything, but whatever it is, you'd least expect it. His shows always have the surprise element which is very crucial to every designers runway collection. What must go on the runway, should surprise and leave people with a good after taste of it.
Mr. Azria does that pretty darn well, nah?

Here's a few images of the few favorites I have. And I especially loved the blue marble effect bandage dress that Miley Cyrus wore to the Grammy Awards this year (the girl's got style man, you can't deny that.)
Check it out.

Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards 2010

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