Monday, May 24, 2010

To buy or not to buy?

Here's something that annoys me. When one person wears too many flashy labels, all together causing him/her to look so utterly foolish. Such is the case, unfortunately, with the Delhi crowd.
I've observed a few from the apparent 'social elite' crowd from Delhi and the trends go something like this-
For men:
2007-08- The monogramed Louis Vuitton and Gucci belts. (everyone had them, fake or real)
2009-10- The hermes belts- Which almost everyone seems to have too.
2008-09- The Burberry shirts. (And just to be 'sublte' about their money, the shirt wouldn't hve the standard checks all over the shirt, but the inside of the collar, which was the men being subtle about their wealth, and lame)
2008-2010- Louis Vuitton of any kind- ugly, small, big, pretty.
Then came the Chanel (knock off's too) and the Gucci's.

It's all so precariously planned out. Literally like there's someone dictating the trends to them. But what's ironic is, that there IS no one doing any such thing. It's the pots of money that people have and have no idea what to do with. Hence, leading to competition. Seriously ridiculous.

Thats why, I fell in love with Balenciaga. It's detailing, the colours it came in (There's even apple green!) and the subtlety of it. And only someone with the least bit of Fashion knowledge would be able to tell. To a common man, it's an ordinary bag.

I however, won't be buying a bag. But my future plans are to by this wallet (See above) sometime in September. Perhaps another colour. It's an ordinary bi-fold wallet and I love how it looks! This, is something I've wanted to own for the longest time. Something I'd been obsessing over forever. And I'll have it, soon enough. Love it.

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