Monday, May 17, 2010

New Talent: Sara Hussain

So, photographers are aplenty. And talent never ceases to amaze me. In whatever form it may be.
My friends boyfriend can dig his nose with his tongue. That's talent. My sister can draw warped looking people. That's talent ( I think).
There's this one person. Her name's Sara Hussain. She graduated from the same school I did and she's just two years younger to me, but way ahead of her age today. Her talent, it's far from nose picking and drawing warped creatures. But it doesn't cease to amaze me each time she uploads her stuff on Facebook. A little sister to

me, Saras new hobby shows great potential and I know one day, perhaps maybe we can work together. There's a lot of demand of talent like hers.
Sara will be showcasing a collection of her photographs at Ai, MGF Mall, Saket on the 20th of May along with a very talented creative group of artists. Arists just like her, showcasing their talent (No, not the nose picking kind. This is something substantial, perhaps something with a future, no?) It starts at 8 PM and I'm not missing it for the world.

Just to show you some of her pretty pictures, this is a preview.

So, what d'you think? Pretty darn amazing eh?


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