Sunday, May 16, 2010

Respect for Katy Perry!

So, like the Jimmy Choo light up shoes aren't bright enough for this diva, she out does her bright side by going all out at the MET COSTUME GALA 2010. And Katy Perry is the only one who comes to my mind when I wonder about who else can actually rock this look. All I think of IS Katy Perry!


Anyway, No words on who the gown's by but I remember hearing Katy Perry say it was a French design house.
Looks good, eh?

I love this look. Plus I love how she teamed an old school hairstyle with this totally modern if not futuristic gown. And those sparkly nude Louboutins add to the whole glamour. I love it!

Jimmy Choo Zap Sandals.

Katy Perry at the MET COSTUME GALA 2010.

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