Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My wishlist has these.

Okay so the day I saw these jeans on Victoria Beckham is the day I died.
They're the Ombré Stella McCartney jeans that go from like, a neutral grey to a super light grey at the ankle. Love how it looks and I knew I wanted a pair right away.
Now, I'm not really minting much money here so buying those jeans is not possible unless it's a birthday or something? But even then, it's only for chicks and not available in India. Oh well...

But that isn't stopping me. :D

So, the other day, I was at Hauz Khas Village with my friend Manisha for a photo shoot and we popped into Varun Goels boutique. And Manisha picked up this beautiful dress from him. It was black and hot pink. And a lot like a Kimono, but not quite. And it can be worn in more than one way. Innovative, it seems.
Anyway, so this very talented designer has now, promised me he's going to give the same Ombré effect to my white skinnies that I never wear. Good idea, eh? At least now, I can start wearing those jeans, right?
Anyway, take a look here. These are what I'm getting done to my jeans. YAY! I'm excited. Yes, I am. :D


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