Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Queen Victoria

From London arrives a scrawny, posh little thing towering over LA on her 8 inch high Louboutins. She's a mother of three, and a wife to a heart throb of many (millions)
Who is she?

Victoria Beckham! Duh. Get it? Scrawny? Posh? High Heels? Pfft.

Turns out she's pretty darn multi faceted after all, eh. She was once a singer, then a trophy wife and now QUITE a dope designer.
I remember how, back in the days. When her fame was still relatively new- no designer wanted to loan her their clothes because they considered her to be bad publicity for them. She dressed horribly back then. But today emerged as a far more evolved person in terms of fashion. She isn't just one of those ladies with pots of money and a walk in closet with the size of Africa (Oh yeah, the continent and everything) She takes fashion seriously. And today, shares with us all a little of her own style. Sure, it isn't affordable. But it's not like she cares.
She started with her denim label called DVB and moved onto a more sophisticated label named after herself- Victoria Beckham.
She is now recognized world over for her contribution as a designer and the likes of Kate Hudson sport her look through her clothes.
Personally, I just feel that, unless you're as anorexic as Posh, you can NOT even dream of carrying off those garments. They'd probably just suit a size zero. Or so it seems, to me. You be the judge.

Here are some images from her Spring Summer 2010 Collection.



And have you seen her sunglasses? The ones she wears? The ones every woman wants to covet? Sure, you could hop into any opticals and just buy a pair of D&G's or like, Diors or perhaps a pair of Balenciagas? But what's best about these are that while you might not find a similar pair in the shop near you, you WILL find a pair of these if the shop stocks her Victoria Beckham eyewear. Since she designs them all, the sunglass shape and design shes known for have been incorporated into her own line too! So it's easy to find a pair under her own label. And they're not just any sunglasses like the ones you'd find at H&M or Mango, these are totally high quality sunglasses. The kinds Chanel makes.

So, what do you think of her collection? Personally, I think you can see a lot of Victoria Beckham through her designs. And while they're all very 'her' she manages to make a serious impression in the fashion frat and build herself a label and a name and reputation for it. Unlike the various other unsuccessful celebrities who didn't manage to make a mark or go beyond a collaboration with Target. (except L.A.M.B., by Gwen Stephani, ofcourse.)

Ps- Go through her site, and her promotional videos. I loved them, however random they might have been. Check it out here.

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