Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As a stylist. I've always felt that what made an outfit so lovable or totally hatable was the use of accessories. I've seen beautiful couture gowns walk down the red carpet totally ruined by the wrong bag/shoes or the by the use of unnecessary accessories like shawls and hair bands. NOT required.
My main emphasis however, lies always on the shoes. And the bags. How a woman is styled is not just all reliant on her dress but the bag she carries and the shoes she walks in too.
Here's a Parallel Universe (kinda) system.

The Giuseppe Zanotti's retail for about $695 (Rs 31392)

The Parallel Universe makes it Available through Nine West and retails for about $88.95 (Rs 4016)

They're literally identical! It's great that one can actually afford a pair that looks exactly LIKE the Zanottis. They dont just look similar. They look the same. That might not be allowed (legally and all) but who cares.


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