Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Im listening to.

I have my laptop on and I decided it's been far too long since I blogged last. Not that I have any readers, but maybe one day, I will.
Here's what I love- Morcheeba. I'm not one of those crazy freak fans who search up everything about the band and all their songs how to interpret them correctly. No, I appreciate how it sounds, google up the lyrics and I'm done. So I don't know where theyre from or how long they've been around for but I know I love this song by them called Shoulder Holster. Go download it.

Do it now.

Anyway, today I was browsing through this site called Which is GREAT to keep you updated on the Indian Fashion Scene, and I observed two women in particular.
The two women being, of course- Natasha Poonawala and Shilpa Shetty.

The Indian fashion sense never appealed to me. The bollywood A-listers never really understood what style was, what they understood was the power of money and the status it brings. I understand what I say might not settle well with everyones opinion but that's their opinion and this is mine. It's always been either figure hugging satin dresses or super fugly jeans teamed with ugly black kitten heels and a flashy Louis Vuitton bag. Eugh.
The two women today who defied all possible stereo type thinking for me were the above two.
Starting with Natasha Poonawala.
It seems she did well marrying into the family. She's super rich and holds access to ANY luxury label under the sun, today.
She is a regular at the polo matches and social scenes in Bombay and Puné and is seen flaunting her latest designer wear with such class, each time she steps out (Well, almost).
Another one who's body I'm positive is made for dresses is Shilpa Shetty. I love how she rocks Hervé Leger dresses each time she wears them. Always ahead of time, Shilpa Shetty might as well be considered a style icon for her impeccable taste in dresses, shoes and bags. Although many times, I get the feeling that she over does her Louis Vuittons. Eh?

Leaving the glamourous aside, I want to take this moment to mention one true style icon I personally love, (and stalk on various sites) Priya Kishore. She isn't that tall, no, she has a whacky hair do, she wears her clothes in the oddest of combinations.. But thats what I love about her. She never sticks to trends yet sets her own, she wears prints with prints and makes them look good. (how does she do that anyway?) and i love how she has all these super bright colours like neon orange and neon yellow scarves and shoes and she teams them up in a non-cliché manner. Brilliant ideas, innit?
Here are some pictures of the three most beautifully dressed women of India, today.

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