Monday, April 19, 2010

Top 5 Designer hand bags of FOREVER! (totally...)

Dear nobody,
About a year ago, I saw Kim Kardashian (The oh-so sexy Kim Kardashian) strut around town, doing her thing, shopping, eating and getting her nails done... And in all the images I saw, I saw this one constant companion by her side, I'm not sure whether she has a name for it but when it comes for plus thousand dollars, you can pretty much presume she calls it Tinkerbell or something.
ANYWAY, not that I care about what she named her bag, what I care about is the bag itself.
It's the Balenciaga City Bag in Black. Then in grey, beige and orange too I believe. Anywho.
This bag is a beaut. And this is primarily the reason why I'm considering shifting from Styling to Accessory designing- getting into shoes and bags and all? (nah, I kid) I'd love to. After which, I googled it up, and saw plenty of other starlets donning the same designer bag in other models and colours, but looking all the same.
You'll find an apple green, an orange, a black, an electric blue (!), a pink, a beige, a grey, and a white, plus more. Randomly select a colour from the colour wheel, and find it at the store. Literally.

Moving down to number 2 would be the Fendi DIY Bag. It's such an innovative concept and I applaud Fendi for thinking of it. I'm not sure if the idea's been borrowed or is their own sparking of the light bulb, but I personally love it.
It is a sheer natural woven Raffia shoulder bag which comes in a kit, equipped with strings, needles and other stuff you might need to do your embroidery on. What's so great is that even though the bag is Fendi and all that, yeah, true. But you truly pay for YOU like. Quite literally.
Think of a good pattern? Embroider it on and let your bag me unique to you. Gone are the days, my friend, of the common Louis Vuittons and Fendi's. This is revolutionary. Your own Fendi bag, just the way you like it. Does it get better than this? I believe not.

Number 3 is reserved by The Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Studded Bag. With it's studs at the bottom it comes in grey and black and you'll have the likes of Khloe K. endorsing this bag, everyday. They all swear by it.

Number 4, taken by Bottega Veneta knot clutches. It's something about the weave. It's simple, elegant, classy, and makes a statement in the subtlest manner. (contradictorily enough) Interesting Knot detail on the top of the clutch attracts the women more to it. The likes of Shilpa Shetty, Natasha Poonawala, Kim Kardashian and others have all donned this clutch at their public appearances. They carry it with such ease and style. However, I'd like to add, the bag does complete their outfit. It's true. And finally...

Number 5, is the (and i never thought I'd say this but) the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 bag collection minus the fur tails.
I love the Ombré effects on them and I think they're totally different from anything Louis Vuitton has done yet and changed my perception of this snooty upscale brand to a- snooty for good reason- upscale brand. Good Job, Marc Jacobs.
Also, I guess it's lucky to be Marc Jacobs's Best Friend, eh Victoria Bekham? Free stuff et al?

The reason I never chose some of the classic Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags are because well, they're classic and each poll has the same bunch of answers. Makes no sense to keep repeating, does it? Here's something new?
Well, these were my top five picks of designer bags. I don't know if anyone else may agree with me or not, though. Anybody? Nobody? Note to self: Get more readers!
Anyway, but yeah, a good pick I'd like to believe. Any woman with these bags in her closet is fairly set for life I believe.


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