Thursday, April 1, 2010

Entry number 1.

A lot of blogs today dedicate themselves to every possible need of man, today. Theres Biotechnology, there's rocket science (presuming that's even a subject and not just a metaphor) and even geography. You'll find blogs on food and fashion, in abundance and I can't promise you that I know what might set me apart from the rest but I'd sure as hell like to give it a try.
Popularity, fame and recognition comes with time and dedication (towards this blog, of course) and I usually have a super busy schedule of well, College-home-TV-Facebook-Dinner-Facebook-Sleep but I'm planning to scrap out the second Facebook session with my blogging. Hoping that I'd be able to follow this schedule myself.
Heres getting to know me.
I'm Dhruv Aditya Davé. I'm a student of a college in Delhi that teaches me 'Fashion'.
I don't normally show any interest in college, ever but I'm passionate about the things I do. That'd well- cooking and Fashion. Hence the super lame name- Fashionmeal. But that's only because of availability options. I swear. I'm 19 years old and since I was in the 7th grade (which btw, was quite a while ago) Food and Fashion have been my passion. Although Cooking was left as a mere hobby or something I'd pursue on the side. With fashion being my main occupation and everything I do.
I'm a stylist. Or at least I try. Not professional, but maybe someday someone would recognize my talent and what I have to offer. It's sheer passion in this field that has made me withstand many things I've endured till date. But I'm glad that I did, because eventually- It's all going to be worth it.
I have dedicated my life of 19 years to this industry. Don't get me wrong. I'm still starting off but when youre young you dream of being someone some day and be known for what you do. I've dreamed the same dream each night and as each Fashion Week passes I see myself getting closer to the dream.
It's true though, we fashion forward people tend to have expensive taste. I've taken rounds of the luxury mall in my city 50 times and liked stuff worth plenty of thousands. (Rupees, because I'm Indian like that) but I never really get a chance to pick most of it up. I want to earn it, I want to earn the finer things in life.
I start this blog with a hope to connect to many people with the same/similar mindset as mine. Share facts, recipes, information and my account of days I must recall to all. I doubt many would read it but I'm presuming at least some one would.
So this is a vague idea of well, me. Wish me luck.
Good day to you all, except you.

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