Thursday, April 22, 2010

Designer Profile: Atsu Sekhose.

I'm a regular college student. I go to a well reputed Fashion School in Delhi and we're always so busy with work and trying to get all the attendance we can, just so we could progress onto the second year, hassle free. I however, don't care about my attendance much. I've come to realize that it's the work experience and what you learn from it, that counts the most. An assignment in class would just fetch you those marks and make your teacher proud of you (momentarily) but what have I learned out of it?- How to make a poster on warm colours.
This Fashion Week, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 I worked with a very talented and definitely aw inspiring designer. Everyone who came to his stall acted like a kid let loose in a candy store, or me, let loose at a restaurant/bakery/other eating places. However, this designer I worked for, was not Atsu Sekhose.
Atsu Sekhose launched his label 'ATSU' in 2006. He graduated out of NIFT and moved onto intern under Tarun Tahiliani and then with Zara (Which, is FINALLY opening it's first ever boutique in India at the very popular Select City Walk, New Delhi). His designs are ultra chic and very understated. As I sat (front row et al! :D) watching his show this Fashion Week I was almost brought to tears when I saw all the models walk down the runway and showcase this brilliant mans talent. He had heavily embroidered JAckets, Skirts in mustard, Lace sleeves and what not. This, is the kinda stuff I'd imagine Prada do! I swear on lord above, that was Prada right there! The styling for the show was done immaculately, down to the shoes were very well co-ordinated with the entire get up for the models.
I'm truly a fan of all that he's done and I know for a fact that (even though Elle's already mentioned him as Indias Rising star in the field of Fashion and Vogue too, for Promising Talent) that his success is limitless and today he's Atsu, a promising young designer but years from now would've crossed Manish Arora in his recognition in the global fashion scenario.

Good Job, Atsu. You're brilliant.

Also, this Fashion Week I loved Alpana and Neeraj (WHOA) and Varun Sardana.
Also, a special mention to Prashant Vermas collection this time. On the ramp, not much was different. It was all so monotonous. Plus, it was almost similar to his previous collection, I believe. Although, the detailing in his work was beyond superb. I saw the stone detailing and the way all the different sizes of beads were places and I was awestruck at this mans craftsmanship. Brilliant. I'd say the best I've seen yet. Personally. You might beg to differ though.

I'm leaving you with some visuals of his runway collection for the season. Check it out, it's truly quite magnific!


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