Thursday, April 22, 2010

A few of my favorite things from Fashion Week this time.

Ah, fashion week. Everyone trying their best to get into the tents, full of ultra chic and expensive looking people and tall women with hot legs. The environment is such, they're not to blame.
But then there's the Priya Kishores, Sohini Das, Simran Arya, Archana Walavalkar, Edward, Anaita Shroff's of the fashion world, all there to work, looking ultra chic.
Sitting front row is a coveted position one holds. You feel the sense of importance you don't get otherwise. It's true, shallow, but true. And I decided that Front row, I will covet. Not jump to, if it's laying empty, but covet. (unless invited)
Sitting front row for Atsu, Alpana and Neeraj, Shantanu and Nikhil and many others I got a clearer view and a better understanding.
The shows had some power and the power came across very evidently.
These were some of the garments that made my jaw drop and left me thinking about it, for a long long time after.

Designer Profile: Atsu Sekhose.

I'm a regular college student. I go to a well reputed Fashion School in Delhi and we're always so busy with work and trying to get all the attendance we can, just so we could progress onto the second year, hassle free. I however, don't care about my attendance much. I've come to realize that it's the work experience and what you learn from it, that counts the most. An assignment in class would just fetch you those marks and make your teacher proud of you (momentarily) but what have I learned out of it?- How to make a poster on warm colours.
This Fashion Week, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 I worked with a very talented and definitely aw inspiring designer. Everyone who came to his stall acted like a kid let loose in a candy store, or me, let loose at a restaurant/bakery/other eating places. However, this designer I worked for, was not Atsu Sekhose.
Atsu Sekhose launched his label 'ATSU' in 2006. He graduated out of NIFT and moved onto intern under Tarun Tahiliani and then with Zara (Which, is FINALLY opening it's first ever boutique in India at the very popular Select City Walk, New Delhi). His designs are ultra chic and very understated. As I sat (front row et al! :D) watching his show this Fashion Week I was almost brought to tears when I saw all the models walk down the runway and showcase this brilliant mans talent. He had heavily embroidered JAckets, Skirts in mustard, Lace sleeves and what not. This, is the kinda stuff I'd imagine Prada do! I swear on lord above, that was Prada right there! The styling for the show was done immaculately, down to the shoes were very well co-ordinated with the entire get up for the models.
I'm truly a fan of all that he's done and I know for a fact that (even though Elle's already mentioned him as Indias Rising star in the field of Fashion and Vogue too, for Promising Talent) that his success is limitless and today he's Atsu, a promising young designer but years from now would've crossed Manish Arora in his recognition in the global fashion scenario.

Good Job, Atsu. You're brilliant.

Also, this Fashion Week I loved Alpana and Neeraj (WHOA) and Varun Sardana.
Also, a special mention to Prashant Vermas collection this time. On the ramp, not much was different. It was all so monotonous. Plus, it was almost similar to his previous collection, I believe. Although, the detailing in his work was beyond superb. I saw the stone detailing and the way all the different sizes of beads were places and I was awestruck at this mans craftsmanship. Brilliant. I'd say the best I've seen yet. Personally. You might beg to differ though.

I'm leaving you with some visuals of his runway collection for the season. Check it out, it's truly quite magnific!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear ladies and men who like to wear womens shoes. (Not judging, at all)
Today, I'm counting down some of my favorite designer shoes. I've always been attracted to shoes and I honestly believe that shoes can either make or break the entire look you're trying to put on. SO, point being: Crucial, think carefully.
I have a few favorites like Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin, Ashish, etc. But to be precise, I'll mention the few that I've been a fan of, forever.
Starting with:
The Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Pumps in Black, Grey and Navy Blue. I love the arch that these shoes give to the feet which sort of enhances any outfit you wear, whether it's a dress you wear to an event, or a pair of jeans while you shop. Celebrities like Lo Bosworth, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Bekham amongst others are loyal patrons of this shoe design, and I'd I believe, I know why.

Lanvin never ceases to Amaze me. When I went to Kitsch, this high end Luxury brand boutique at Emporio Mall in New Delhi- I discovered these with a friend of mine. She tried them on and could've possibly had multiple orgasms right there. She said they were comfortable, and I personally loved how its gave such charecter to what she was wearing at the time. Just a simple pair of jeans. Patent leather and Suede do the trick, here and the curved heel adds character to the shoe. What do you think?
Which one's your favorite?

These are just some of what I think are in my opinion the best pair. There's more to come as time passes us by...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chicken Breast Stuffed With Cheese And Wrapped In Bacon... Did you just die at the sound of that?

Here's probably one of the most delicious thing's you'll ever eat yet you'll think it's something just restaurants can make. However, you're pretty pathetically mistaken, sir/madam.
Here's this great recipe that I make, each time I want to cook something special with less than fancy ingredients, with a more than fancy name ;)
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Cheese and Wrapped in Bacon (ooooh yumm)

You'll need:
-4 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless, and tenderized
-4 large basil leaves
-1 large ball of mozzarella, sliced
-12 strips of bacon
-Salt and pepper
-Olive oil

Once you have them all in front of you, start this way:

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
-Rub the chicken with oil, salt and pepper.
-Place a piece of basil and a slice of mozzarella on one half of the chicken breast.
-Fold the other half over top the mozzarella and basil.
-Wrap the fold chicken breast with three strip of bacon and affix them with toothpicks to the chicken breast. This will also keep -the fold closed.
-Place the chicken breasts on a baking sheet and in a pre-heated oven, 400-degree oven for 15 minutes.

And that's the end of it. Really. It's so easy. Leave it in the oven for a while, please. Keep poking it to see whether it's done or not. You might find a lot of, well, water-y stuff in the container/plate you might put it in, but don't panic, thats just the chicken and the cheese excreting their juices. (sounds yummie, eh?) Just pick up a piece and start eating and be wary of the toothpicks.
This serves four so one for each member of the family unless you're just three, in which case the father or the boy/man of the house tends to eat a lot so the extra piece, is theirs. Good luck fighting over it. The lioness always gets the leftovers, it's a fact. :)

Bon Appetite!

Top 5 Designer hand bags of FOREVER! (totally...)

Dear nobody,
About a year ago, I saw Kim Kardashian (The oh-so sexy Kim Kardashian) strut around town, doing her thing, shopping, eating and getting her nails done... And in all the images I saw, I saw this one constant companion by her side, I'm not sure whether she has a name for it but when it comes for plus thousand dollars, you can pretty much presume she calls it Tinkerbell or something.
ANYWAY, not that I care about what she named her bag, what I care about is the bag itself.
It's the Balenciaga City Bag in Black. Then in grey, beige and orange too I believe. Anywho.
This bag is a beaut. And this is primarily the reason why I'm considering shifting from Styling to Accessory designing- getting into shoes and bags and all? (nah, I kid) I'd love to. After which, I googled it up, and saw plenty of other starlets donning the same designer bag in other models and colours, but looking all the same.
You'll find an apple green, an orange, a black, an electric blue (!), a pink, a beige, a grey, and a white, plus more. Randomly select a colour from the colour wheel, and find it at the store. Literally.

Moving down to number 2 would be the Fendi DIY Bag. It's such an innovative concept and I applaud Fendi for thinking of it. I'm not sure if the idea's been borrowed or is their own sparking of the light bulb, but I personally love it.
It is a sheer natural woven Raffia shoulder bag which comes in a kit, equipped with strings, needles and other stuff you might need to do your embroidery on. What's so great is that even though the bag is Fendi and all that, yeah, true. But you truly pay for YOU like. Quite literally.
Think of a good pattern? Embroider it on and let your bag me unique to you. Gone are the days, my friend, of the common Louis Vuittons and Fendi's. This is revolutionary. Your own Fendi bag, just the way you like it. Does it get better than this? I believe not.

Number 3 is reserved by The Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Studded Bag. With it's studs at the bottom it comes in grey and black and you'll have the likes of Khloe K. endorsing this bag, everyday. They all swear by it.

Number 4, taken by Bottega Veneta knot clutches. It's something about the weave. It's simple, elegant, classy, and makes a statement in the subtlest manner. (contradictorily enough) Interesting Knot detail on the top of the clutch attracts the women more to it. The likes of Shilpa Shetty, Natasha Poonawala, Kim Kardashian and others have all donned this clutch at their public appearances. They carry it with such ease and style. However, I'd like to add, the bag does complete their outfit. It's true. And finally...

Number 5, is the (and i never thought I'd say this but) the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2010 bag collection minus the fur tails.
I love the Ombré effects on them and I think they're totally different from anything Louis Vuitton has done yet and changed my perception of this snooty upscale brand to a- snooty for good reason- upscale brand. Good Job, Marc Jacobs.
Also, I guess it's lucky to be Marc Jacobs's Best Friend, eh Victoria Bekham? Free stuff et al?

The reason I never chose some of the classic Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags are because well, they're classic and each poll has the same bunch of answers. Makes no sense to keep repeating, does it? Here's something new?
Well, these were my top five picks of designer bags. I don't know if anyone else may agree with me or not, though. Anybody? Nobody? Note to self: Get more readers!
Anyway, but yeah, a good pick I'd like to believe. Any woman with these bags in her closet is fairly set for life I believe.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Im listening to.

I have my laptop on and I decided it's been far too long since I blogged last. Not that I have any readers, but maybe one day, I will.
Here's what I love- Morcheeba. I'm not one of those crazy freak fans who search up everything about the band and all their songs how to interpret them correctly. No, I appreciate how it sounds, google up the lyrics and I'm done. So I don't know where theyre from or how long they've been around for but I know I love this song by them called Shoulder Holster. Go download it.

Do it now.

Anyway, today I was browsing through this site called Which is GREAT to keep you updated on the Indian Fashion Scene, and I observed two women in particular.
The two women being, of course- Natasha Poonawala and Shilpa Shetty.

The Indian fashion sense never appealed to me. The bollywood A-listers never really understood what style was, what they understood was the power of money and the status it brings. I understand what I say might not settle well with everyones opinion but that's their opinion and this is mine. It's always been either figure hugging satin dresses or super fugly jeans teamed with ugly black kitten heels and a flashy Louis Vuitton bag. Eugh.
The two women today who defied all possible stereo type thinking for me were the above two.
Starting with Natasha Poonawala.
It seems she did well marrying into the family. She's super rich and holds access to ANY luxury label under the sun, today.
She is a regular at the polo matches and social scenes in Bombay and Puné and is seen flaunting her latest designer wear with such class, each time she steps out (Well, almost).
Another one who's body I'm positive is made for dresses is Shilpa Shetty. I love how she rocks Hervé Leger dresses each time she wears them. Always ahead of time, Shilpa Shetty might as well be considered a style icon for her impeccable taste in dresses, shoes and bags. Although many times, I get the feeling that she over does her Louis Vuittons. Eh?

Leaving the glamourous aside, I want to take this moment to mention one true style icon I personally love, (and stalk on various sites) Priya Kishore. She isn't that tall, no, she has a whacky hair do, she wears her clothes in the oddest of combinations.. But thats what I love about her. She never sticks to trends yet sets her own, she wears prints with prints and makes them look good. (how does she do that anyway?) and i love how she has all these super bright colours like neon orange and neon yellow scarves and shoes and she teams them up in a non-cliché manner. Brilliant ideas, innit?
Here are some pictures of the three most beautifully dressed women of India, today.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Entry number 1.

A lot of blogs today dedicate themselves to every possible need of man, today. Theres Biotechnology, there's rocket science (presuming that's even a subject and not just a metaphor) and even geography. You'll find blogs on food and fashion, in abundance and I can't promise you that I know what might set me apart from the rest but I'd sure as hell like to give it a try.
Popularity, fame and recognition comes with time and dedication (towards this blog, of course) and I usually have a super busy schedule of well, College-home-TV-Facebook-Dinner-Facebook-Sleep but I'm planning to scrap out the second Facebook session with my blogging. Hoping that I'd be able to follow this schedule myself.
Heres getting to know me.
I'm Dhruv Aditya Davé. I'm a student of a college in Delhi that teaches me 'Fashion'.
I don't normally show any interest in college, ever but I'm passionate about the things I do. That'd well- cooking and Fashion. Hence the super lame name- Fashionmeal. But that's only because of availability options. I swear. I'm 19 years old and since I was in the 7th grade (which btw, was quite a while ago) Food and Fashion have been my passion. Although Cooking was left as a mere hobby or something I'd pursue on the side. With fashion being my main occupation and everything I do.
I'm a stylist. Or at least I try. Not professional, but maybe someday someone would recognize my talent and what I have to offer. It's sheer passion in this field that has made me withstand many things I've endured till date. But I'm glad that I did, because eventually- It's all going to be worth it.
I have dedicated my life of 19 years to this industry. Don't get me wrong. I'm still starting off but when youre young you dream of being someone some day and be known for what you do. I've dreamed the same dream each night and as each Fashion Week passes I see myself getting closer to the dream.
It's true though, we fashion forward people tend to have expensive taste. I've taken rounds of the luxury mall in my city 50 times and liked stuff worth plenty of thousands. (Rupees, because I'm Indian like that) but I never really get a chance to pick most of it up. I want to earn it, I want to earn the finer things in life.
I start this blog with a hope to connect to many people with the same/similar mindset as mine. Share facts, recipes, information and my account of days I must recall to all. I doubt many would read it but I'm presuming at least some one would.
So this is a vague idea of well, me. Wish me luck.
Good day to you all, except you.